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Glass Consultancy for Projects

​​​“Glass Consultancy” Services for Architects, Façade Consultants, Investors and Contractors​

We are developing solutions to match the requirements of your project providing “Glass Consultancy” services with our team of experienced and skilled employees.

In the scope of our “glass consultancy” services the following are provided:

  • We hold meetings with projects’ decision makers till the final selection stage of glass selection and offer you a solution partnership for your projects.
  • We make static, thermal breakage risk and performance calculations for your projects.
  • We prepare glass specification draft in accordance with the completed calculations.
  • We offer the right types of glass solutions for your project’s requirements.
  • We supply samples and mock up support requested for projects.
Why is selection of glass so important?

Selection of the right type of glass materials is getting to be more and more important as transparent materials such as glazing units are becoming used more frequently in facades and indoors. In projects with wrong choices of glass, the below given problems may be encountered:

  • Building cannot be heated and/or cooled as easily as required.
  • Because indoor areas of the building receives inadequate sunlight, energy consumption for lighting purposes is increased.
  • Due to completely contrary reasons to the above mentioned problem bedazzlement of eyes occurs with uncontrolled sunlight entering the building.
  • Risks of getting hurt increase as a consequence of people accidentally hitting glass panes.
  • Loss of material assets may occur due to acts of aggression and thefts.
  • Physical and psychological problems may occur more frequently due to loud noise.

Due to reasons such as not calculating thermal breakage risk or not finding suitable glass thickness required, glass panes may be broken easily. Such problems, which could not be easily solved afterwards, may be overcome with suitable choices of glass materials and right diagnosis in the stage of preparation of the project.

Due to the above mentioned reasons it is highly important when determining which thickness and which type of glass shall be preferred for use and for what kind of purposes it shall be used. As a solution partner we as Şişecam Flat Glass are easing your work with “Glass Consultancy” services that we provide specifically for your projects.

Besides it is possible to ensure the following with right solutions for your indoor areas:

  • It is possible to ensure that sunlight shall have access to inner parts of the building.
  • With the use of mirrors reflecting sunlight illumination of indoor areas is possible so that such areas shall be perceived as wider and more spacious.
  • Using the property of semi-transparency of glass, two adjacent areas may be separated with the use of patterned glasses with various modern designs.
  • It is possible to color your indoor areas with painted glass.
What do we do?
  • We hold meetings with project decision makers such as architects, façade consultants, contractors and investors one by one and offer them suitable glass solutions in line with their requirements and as a consequence provide “Glass Consultancy” services.
  • On project basis, we provide the most suitable glass solutions that will ensure required mechanic values and functions such as;
    • With use of static calculation programs, such as Mepla and Glastik, optimum glass thickness,
    • With the use of Vitrages program, calculations for thermal breakage risk,
    • With the use of programs such as WinSLT and WIS, calculation of glass performances.
  • We prepare glass specification draft so as to lead your projects based on our optimum glass solution recommendations.
  • We provide you full support including sample and mock up supply and stand by you starting from the design stage of your project till final stage when decision for the selection of glass panes is made.
  • We share our know-how about the use of glass and the processes for treatment of glass via trainings.
How does the process operate?
  • Product trainings
  • Project specific one to one meetings
  • Technical calculations (static, thermal breakage risk and performance
  • Project specific glass specification draft
Who are our solution partners?
  • Architects
  • Façade C​onsultants
  • Investors
  • Project Management Firms
  • Real Estate Investment Companies​
  • Construction firms/Contractors
  • Façade Companies
  • Isıcam Authorized Manufacturer
Why Şişecam Flat Glass?


  • Local manufacture
    • Fast supply
    • Product variety


  • Effective communication
    • Easy to access
    • After sales support

Solution partner

  • High quality products and service
    • Technical support
    • Sample and Mock up support


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